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IVE Participants

The members of IVE own already obtained global reputation with their nice efficiency expertise and not doubtless expertise, thanks to the fact that the logo-fresh neighborhood contains two broken-down members of IZ*ONE.

IVE launched with their first song “ELEVEN” and first B-Facet song “Clutch It” on December 1st. The songs straight drew the dignity of Ample-Pop followers who had been eagerly awaiting the neighborhood’s debut. The promotional teaser for IVE’s “HAVE WHAT WE WANT” became once launched on November 13th by Starship. In correct two days, the teaser attracted over 2 million views. This curiosity displays the neighborhood’s doable for stardom and worldwide resonance. Following CRAVITY’s debut in 2020, the members of IVE own fashioned the first neighborhood to debut under Starship Leisure in 2021. Take a look at out the IVE Participants Age, Name, Birthday under.

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IVE Participants Age, Name, Birthday

The under desk reveals the IVE Participants Age, Name, Birthday.

IVE Participants Name Age Birthday
Gaeul 19 years  September 24, 2002
Yujin 18 years  September 01, 2003
Wonyoung 17 years August 31, 2004
Rei 17 years February 03, 2004
Liz 17 years November 21, 2004
Leeseo 14 years February 21, 2007

IVE Participants Positions

The under desk reveals the positions of the IVE Participants.

IVE Participants Place
Gaeul Rapper
Yujin Chief, Vocalist
Wonyoung Vocalist
Rei Rapper, Vocalist
Liz Main Vocalist
Leeseo Vocalist, Maknae

IVE Participants Profile

1 Gaeul

Gaeul is the oldest member of IVE, having been born on September 24, 2002. She is from Incheon, South Korea’s Bupyeong-gu. She joined Starship Leisure in 2017 as a trainee and has worked there for the past four years. Despite the fact that she prefers Spring, she became once given the title Gaeul because she became once born in Autumn. She is identified as Sloth because she enjoys laying in mattress. She enjoys watching dismay movies and reading thriller novels.

2 Yujin

IVE is led by Yujin. She veteran to be a member of the band IZ*ONE. After finishing fifth within the closing episode of Invent 48, she earned a yell within the neighborhood’s final roster. Forward of Invent 48, she educated for a year and 4 months. Icycle became once her personality on King of Cowl Singer. Yujin can even be a sizable woman. She stands at 172 cm (5’8″) in height. She is an English pupil who enjoys taking photos. Her celebrated pastime is knowing, which explains why she is on the total hungry.

3 Wonyoung

Wonyoung became once the youngest member of IZ*ONE, a neighborhood that became once created because Invent 48. She made her debut with IZ*ONE when she became once only 14 years extinct. In the closing episode of Invent 48, she became once ranked first. Wonyoung is a sizable man. She is a sizable woman, standing at 173 cm (5’8″). She enjoys sharp foods and is bilingual (English and Korean).

4 Rei

Rei is the first performer from Japan to model with Starship Leisure. She became once born within the Japanese town of Anan, within the Tokushima Prefecture. In IVE, she is the lone foreigner. Rei made her IVE debut in 2021 when she became once 17 years extinct. She is 5’6” sizable and stands at 169 cm. She enjoys decorating and gathering suitable gadgets equivalent to roses and butterflies. White, shaded, and pastels are her celebrated colors. On myth of of her fluency in Korean and Japanese, she became once given the nickname Kim Rei by the replacement members.

5 Liz

Liz is the neighborhood’s third ’04 liner. When she became once published as a member of IVE in 2021, she became once 16 years extinct. Liz, cherish the replacement members of the neighborhood, is extremely sizable, standing at 169 cm (5’6″) sizable. She is the IVE’s 2nd-youngest member. Liz is from the island of Jeju. She moved to Seoul when she became once 16 years extinct. She has a unruffled personality, however by manner of meals, she becomes very energetic. Singing the Mountainous Potato Song is one in every of her expertise. She is clumsy and barely breaks stuff.

6 Leeseo

Leeseo is the IVE’s most recent member. In 2021, she made her IVE debut at the age of 14. She is 5’7” sizable and stands at 170 cm. She hails from Gapyeong-gun within the Gyeonggi-produce province of South Korea. She became once a runt bit one mannequin for Particular Needs youth. Taekwondo is her speciality, and mountain climbing is her pleasure. She prefers certain energy. “I Worship It” is the phrase she uses primarily the most. She claims she doesn’t own any dislikes.

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IVE Participants Age, Name, Birthday: FAQs

1. Who are the members of the IVE?

Gaeul, Yujin, Wonyoung, Rei, Liz and Leeseo are the members of IVE .

2. When became once Gaeul born?

Gaeul became once born on September 24, 2002.

3. When became once Yujin born?

Yujin became once born on September 01, 2003.

4. When became once Wonyoung born?

Wonyoung became once born on August 31, 2004.

5. When became once Rei born?

Rei became once born on February 03, 2004.

6. When became once Liz born?

Liz became once born on November 21, 2004.

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