Archive 81 season 1 – who is Tamara Stefano?


The personality of Tamara Stefano is comparatively minor in Netflix’s Archive 81 however has a basically well-known characteristic. So, this begs the question: Who is Tamara Stefano in Archive 81 season 1? When we are introduced to Tamara, she is being interviewed by Melody for her oral history project on …

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Archive 81 season 1 – who is Virgil Davenport?


Virgil Davenport is the first antagonist within the Netflix sequence Archive 81. He’s so mysterious, Dan admits to him within the route of his job interview he could furthermore now not procure grand about him or his firm, LMG. So, that begs the quiz: Who is Virgil Davenport in Archive 81 …

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Archive 81 season 1 – who is Anabelle?


Anabelle, before the entire lot put, appears to be a cliche. That trope-stuffed character, the goofy, droll ideal friend of the honest correct-searching foremost character, affords some solid comic reduction. On the opposite hand, because the series progresses, she becomes a key fragment in the puzzle of Netflix’s Archive 81. …

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