Boomika Movie Download Tamilrockers Isaimini Moviesda 2021

Boomika Movie Download Tamilrockers Isaimini Moviesda 2021

Boomika begins with a car accident near Nagapattinam. A man is on the phone with his pregnant wife when a truck hits his car and kills him. The action then shifts to Ooty’s Pudhumandhu village, where we meet the main characters.

  • Release date: 19 August 2021 (India) Trending
  • Director: R. Rathindran Prasad
  • Gautham (Vidhu) has arrived in the hill station with his psychologist wife Samyuktha (Aishwarya Rajesh) and son Sidhu to start work on a real-estate project for a minister.

    Gayathri (Surya Ganapathy), an architect Gautham has invited to help with his project, and Arthi (Madhuri), his sister, join them. They travel to his palatial mansion in a remote estate, where strange things begin to happen very quickly.

    For example, dead people begin texting them, a mobile phone operates without a battery, a perfectly functional car refuses to start, wild dogs attack them, and so on.

    Boomika Movie Download Tamilrockers?

    What’s going on around them? Who is the enigmatic figure texting them from the great beyond? And what do they desire?

    More than a horror thriller, Boomika is an eco-fable with blunt messaging — be nice to Mother Earth or else…. Rathindran Prasad is so focused on delivering this message that he stumbles through the storey. The film is shot elegantly (cinematographer Roberto Zazzara frames the action cleanly) and the production design is sophisticated.

    However, while the visuals are stately, the narrative is anything but. One reason for this is that the characters are written in a simplistic and one-note manner — a level-headed person, a modern young woman, a scaredy-cat, a devious man, a suspicious-looking help.

    Naturally, the performances are barely audible. They all have a very functional feel to them, nothing more, nothing less. In fact, you’re left wondering what drew the usually dependable Aishwarya Rajesh to such a generic role.

    The film is also overly reliant on its score to elicit emotion from us. Prithvi Chandrashekar’s insistent score tries far too hard to make us fearful.

    It keeps throwing out fancy concepts like the Gaia Hypothesis and PT Extinction, and while these are interesting conceptually, we never find the scenes involving because the characters seem distant.

    After a while, it starts to resemble a feature-length environmental conservation PSA.

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